The Ghost In My Bedroom

The Ghost In My Bedroom
Book 1
Autor: Heather Jones

Sinopse – The Ghost In My Bedroom – Book 1 – Heather Jones

Lucy Warner has managed to fall in love with her roommate Ryan – who has been dead for about 25 years. Since he’s been haunting her bedroom from the time when she was a baby, they have grown to be very close friends; a secret no one else knows about, not even her best friend Ling. Sure, he’s obnoxious and rude, and tends to be a jerk half the time. But no living boy has been able to make her laugh, melt her heart, or drive her absolutely nuts the way that Ryan can.
The summer after high school graduation, Lucy finds herself newly single, and slightly bitter after a bad breakup. When Ling sets her up on a date with Jon, she plays along to try and forget about her ghost, and get on in life with a real living guy. At first, she’s not even attracted to Jon; he’s awkward and unsure of himself, yet he has a sweet side that keeps her hanging around. But when she suspects that he can see ghosts too, keeping Ryan a secret gets a little complicated.

The Ghost In My Bedroom – Book 1 – Heather Jones

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