The Hunter

The Hunter
Trilogy Death Row #2
Autor: Jaid Black

Sinopse – The Hunter – Trilogy Death Row #2 – Jaid Black

The United Americas of Earth:2250 A.D. On the eve of his execution, Death Row inmate Kerick Riley overpowers the guard and escapes the violent penal colony that has been his prison for over fifteen years. On the run to find the answers he seeks, the grim-faced, grey-eyed Kerick has two things on his mind: revenge and woman…Scientist Nellie Kan has spent the last several years researching a frightening disorder that has developed in certain populations of humans. On the verge of developing a serum, Dr. Kan is kidnapped by an escaped Death Row inmate and claimed as his personal sexual property. Is her captor the key to the answer she seeks, or a lunatic who will destroy them both?In this installment: Kerick recaptures Nellie in a reunion you won’t soon forget; Elijah, Xavier, and Kerick plot the demise of the Hierarchy; Kieran begins to suspect there is more to the woman he claimed than meets the eye.Publisher’s Note: DEATH ROW is a three-part erotic suspense serial consisting of the following titles: The Fugitive, The Hunter, and The Avenger. It is necessary to read the previous installment before attempting to read this one.

The Hunter – Trilogy Death Row #2 – Jaid Black

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