The Lesbian Issue

The Lesbian Issue
Essays from Signs
Autor: Estelle B. Freedman, Barbara C. Gelpi, Susan L. Johnson, Kathleen M. Weston

Sinopse – The Lesbian Issue – Essays from Signs

This important collection of articles reflects the growing recognition that the study of women whose primary relation is to other women makes a vital contribution to feminist scholarship. A milestone in lesbian studies – a field often trivialized, ignored, or denied, and always controversial – this volume enriches and enlarges our understanding of women in culture and society.
The essays in this volume center on two major themes: lesbian identity: its historical genesis and its relationship to both lesbian and heterosexual communities; the survival, in homophobical cultures, of women whose primary relation is to women.
Within these themes, the contributors – both male and female, homosexual and heterosexual – cover a rich diversity of topics, including:
lesbian writers; recent social science literature on lesbians; lesbians and the military; discrimination against lesbians in the workplace; sexuality in Third World cultures; lesbians in literature.
Both a signpost and a milestone, this volume is essential reading for all scholars and researchers working in women’s studies, especially those involved in literature, history, sociology, anthropology, and political science. "The Lesbian Issue" is important for anyone concerned with lesbians and their relationship to society at large.
Estelle B. Freedman is associate professor of history at Stanford University. Barbara C. Gelpi is the editor of SIGNS. Susan L. Johnson is a managing editor for SIGNS. Kathleen M. Western is a PH.D. candidate in anthropology at Stanford University.

The Lesbian Issue – Essays from Signs

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