The Purrfect Stranger

The Purrfect Stranger
Tales of the Were #3
Autor: Bianca D’Arc

Sinopse – The Purrfect Stranger – Tales of the Were #3 – Bianca D’Arc

Sparks fly when a failed witch makes a werecougar purr.
Valerie is a failed witch, doomed to always disappoint her very proud, magical family, until a blind date on Valentine’s Day brings her face to face with her real destiny. Keith Redstone is a werecougar on the prowl who’s a little different from the rest of his Clan. He’s clawed his way to the position of Alpha by earning their respect, but most don’t know his deepest, darkest secret. He can see magic.
When the two meet, sparks fly…very real sparks of magical energy that singe their senses and seal their fate. But how can they reconcile two very different backgrounds and traditions? Will Keith recognize their swirling magic as belonging together? And will Valerie understand what it means when she makes her very own big cat purr?

The Purrfect Stranger – Tales of the Were #3 – Bianca D’Arc

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