The Registry

The Registry
Autor: Shannon Stoker

Sinopse – The Registry – Shannon Stoker

It’s a brave new world in America—a world where young women are breeders, and the prettiest go to the highest bidders—in this debut New Adult series for fans of Divergent and Beautiful Disaster.

Everyone knows The Registry saved America from collapse. Which is why girls are raised to be brides auctioned off to the highest bidder, and boys are raised by the government to be hardened soldiers. Everyone accepts this as their patriotic duty, except for two girls who are determined to find a way out.

Mia has been dreading her eighteenth birthday for as long as she can remember. It marks her coming of age and the time for her appraisal as a potential bride. She’s one of the pretty ones, and she passes her appraisal with flying colors. She’s what every man desires—beautiful and sheltered. Snapped up in record time with her parents’ blessing for more money than she ever imagined, Mia will not succumb to this life. She escapes with her best friend Whitney, who’s been on the marriage block with no takers for a year and will end up a slave working for the government if no one chooses to marry her. After tricking Mia’s father’s farmhand—with his dark, stormy eyes—into helping them, the three are soon running for their lives, with government agents, bounty hunters, and Mia’s intended hot on their heels. They’ll make it to Mexico, where a free if uncertain future awaits—or die trying.

The Registry – Shannon Stoker

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