The Reunion

The Reunion
Autor: Laura Antoniou

Sinopse – The Reunion – Laura Antoniou

In The Reunion, two of the most popular characters in the The Marketplace series are re-united. Robin (The Slave, Book Two in the Marketplace Series), recently released from her contract, meets her old trainer Chris Parker on a trip to Ireland where they will join dozens of other slaves for a week at a centuries-old Castle (now 4-star hotel), at a Marketplace-sponsored Reunion.
For Robin, now a veteran slave, the week at Kaleigh Castle will give her time to consider whether she is ready to return to the auction block. During the Reunion, she will meet slaves from all walks of life, as well as their spouses, significant others, and even children. Some of her new friends are also struggling with their own futures, whether they are still in the Marketplace, retired, or returning to service.
As for Chris, it will be a trip back in time to a place where he learned many of the skills that made him so valuable to the Marketplace. But never completely on holiday, he hopes to meet with a handsome young Earl and his millionaire American bride, whose talents for slave-training have gained them special attention. . . including the attention of a nosy tabloid reporter, who is hoping for the biggest story of his career — a real-life international slave trading ring.

The Reunion – Laura Antoniou

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