Think on my words

Think on my words
Exploring Shakespeare’s language
Autor: David Crystal

Sinopse – Think on my words – Exploring Shakespeare’s language – David Crystal

Review "In this authoritative and attractively written book David Crystal asks all the right questions about the language that Shakespeare used and the ways in which he used it. Here is a linguist who knows not only how words work but how they work in the theatre. Anyone who cares for Shakespeare will be informed and entertained by this intriguing and wide-ranging study." -Stanley Wells
"Crystal is perhaps the world’s foremost scholar of the English language — and he is certainly the most enjoyable, learned and prolific author writing about the language today…Throughout [this book] Crystal’s characteristic conversational tone helps make lucid the sometimes murky waters of linguistic analysis…Essential." -D.A. Henningfeld, Choice Book Description For decades, people have been studying Shakespeare’s life and times, and in recent years there has been a renewed surge of interest into aspects of his language. David Crystal provides a lively and original introduction, creating a greater appreciation of Shakespeare’s vast linguistic creativity.

Think on my words – Exploring Shakespeare’s language – David Crystal

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