Three Years Later

Three Years Later
In Too Deep #1
Autor: Casey McMillin

Sinopse – Three Years Later – In Too Deep #1 – Casey McMillin

The last thing Rachel Coleman wanted to do the summer before her senior year was go on a family vacation to Disneyland. The first thing she did when she got there, however, was run headlong into her happily ever after. Unfortunately for her, the guy was way out of her league.
Collin Blake, along with the rest of his college swim team, was just visiting Los Angeles for a few days. It was something the U Cal swimmers did every year. Falling in love definitely wasn’t on his list things to do while he was there.
Is love at first sight even possible? Collin and Rachel thought so. They had an instant connection… right up to the point when Rachel disappeared.
Can they pick up where they left off even though it’s… Three Years Later.

Three Years Later – In Too Deep #1 – Casey McMillin

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