Timeless Love

Timeless Love
Autor: Judith O’Brien

Sinopse – Timeless Love – Judith O’Brien

The Magic CharmIt was a lovely silver necklace with a strange antique charm — an early sixteenth birthday present from her parents. But now Samantha clutched the charm, desperate to disappear when her father discovered she’d wrecked his BMW…."Suddenly she was standing in the bedchamber of Edward VI, the young king of England in 1553….
He was her own age — and cute. Why hadn’t she studied her history? Sam only knew that Edward had died at about sixteen — and she was determined to save him. He seemed to expect her. He called her "my sweet angel." She should have recognized the danger when the scheming Duke of Northumberland tried to come between them. But Edward protected her — especially as the ailing young king grew healthy, and rumors of marriage began. She thought she was safe — until a handsome young stranger stole her heart and swept her into the middle of deadly sixteenth-century court intrigue…."Could she ever go home again?

Timeless Love – Judith O’Brien

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