To Fix You

To Fix You
Autor: Samantha Towle

Sinopse – To Fix You – Samantha Towle

I’m a gigolo. Male escort. Hustler… whatever you like to call us. And in the past seven years, I’ve had sex with… well, I stopped counting after I hit five hundred… basically, I’ve screwed a lot of women. I know what you’re thinking… I must have had a terrible childhood, something horrendous happened in my life that drove me to this career. Wrong. The best thing to ever happen to me is why I work this job. My daughter. I’m a single dad. And I have sex with women for money, to feed, clothe and put a roof over my eight year old daughters head. Not ideal, I know, but now I need the money more than ever… Four weeks ago my worst nightmare happened… my baby girl was diagnosed with Cancer. Now, I have to earn, and earn big, to pay the mounting medical bills. I have never felt more terrified, and more alone, in my life. My name is Lucas Adams. And this is my story.

To Fix You – Samantha Towle

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