Western Wishes

Western Wishes
Dream Agency #1
Autor: E. Jaye

Sinopse – Western Wishes – Dream Agency #1 – E. Jaye

Dream Agency Series: How does a Djinn with a need to feed on human emotions survive in the modern world? Only emotions produced as a result of his own actions are suitable sustenance, but granting wishes in public has been backfiring on his kind for centuries. The answer is to hide his nature under a scientific guise, after all its amazing what hypnosis can accomplish.
Western Wishes (Dream Agency 1) Life as a faceless office worker in London, is lonely for a painfully shy wallflower who is paranoid that someone is watching her every move. Finding out that she had an ancestor with the same name, a woman that led a romantic and important life in the Old West, leads her to an experience of a lifetime, only it isn’t her life. In hindsight, maybe agreeing to a ‘totally authentic’ experience wasn’t as good an idea as the people at the Agency had insisted. Mind numbing terror and pain, didn’t fit into the ‘enjoyable’ category as far as she was concerned, but perhaps someone else was getting more of a kick out of this than the client. On the other hand she has to admit that getting to know her leading man was quite another matter.

Western Wishes – Dream Agency #1 – E. Jaye

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