Where Children Sleep

Where Children Sleep
Autor: James Mollison

Sinopse – Where Children Sleep – James Mollison

Where Children Sleep presents James Mollisonґs photographs of childrenґs bedrooms around the world, from sixteen countries including the USA, Mexico, Brazil, the UK, Italy, Kenya, Senegal, Japan, China and Nepal – each shown with a portrait of the child whose bedrooms is featured and with a short story text about their life. The bookґs aim is to interest and engage its readers in the lives of children around the world – in the diversity of circumstances in which children sleep and grow, and in some of the social issues that affect them. We learn about children like Kaya in Tokyo, whose bedroom is full of the dresses her proud mother makes for her; about Bilal, the Bedouin goatherd living in the West Bank, who sleeps outdoors with his family; about Indira, who has worked in a granite quarry in Nepal since she was three years old; and about Ahkôhxet, the Kraho boy who sleep on the floor of a hut deep in the Amazon jungle. A book to be enjoyed by readers of all ages, its texts have been prepared with an audience of nine- to thirteen-years-old in mind. ‘I hope this book will help children think about inequality, whithin and between societies around the world’, says Mollison in his introduction, ‘and perhaps start to figure out how, in their own lives, they may respond.’

Where Children Sleep – James Mollison

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