With His Love

With His Love
(For His Pleasure, #16)
Autor: Kelly Favor

Sinopse – With His Love – (For His Pleasure, #16) – Kelly Favor

Three different women have gone through a journey of self-discovery and found true love. And now, the journey finally comes to an end, as Book Sixteen, With His Love, brings the curtain down on the For His Pleasure Series.
For the first time, Nicole, Kallie and Scarlett’s viewpoints will all be shown in one book, as we catch up with our favorite characters and see how each of their lives and romances continue to evolve.
Many questions will be answered, shocking events will unfold, and passions will boil over. Read this extra-long finale to find out how everything ends.
With His Love (For His Pleasure, Book 16) is a tale of lust, submission, power and ultimately–a love story for the ages.

With His Love – (For His Pleasure, #16) – Kelly Favor

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