Yokubou no Shizuku

Yokubou no Shizuku
Drops of Desire
Autor: You Higashino

Sinopse – Yokubou no Shizuku – Drops of Desire – You Higashino

Chapter 1-4: Droplets of Desire "I’ll drown you in ecstasy–" promised the dangerously charismatic and sexy infirmary doctor, Kokuyo, as he took Yuzuru’s body! Unable to resist or escape, Yuzuru thought he’s afraid of Kokuyo… until he was embraced by him… To Yuzuru’s surprise, it reminded him of the affection he used to experienced as a child…!?
Chapter 5: Droplets of Desire About Shirogane and Okamoto
Chapter 6: Shirogane x Okamoto JEALOUSY
Chapter 7: Shirogane x Okamoto PROPOSAL
Chapter 8: Epilogue

Yokubou no Shizuku – Drops of Desire – You Higashino

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