Tactical Magik (Immortal Ops #5)

Tactical Magik (Immortal Ops #5)
Autor: Mandy M. Roth

Sinopse – Tactical Magik (Immortal Ops #5) – Mandy M. Roth

Book Five in the Bestselling Immortal Ops Series.
Eadan Daly has thrown himself into the role as the sixth I-Ops team member and has forged a brotherhood of sorts with the other men. When he’s asked to go on a solo mission for the PSI Branch (Paranormal Security and Intelligence) he’s not so sure he wants his old job back.
Inara Nash is a survivor, doing what she must to get by. On the run for years, from an organization she doesn’t fully understand, she tries to stay below the radar. When a blond hunk arrives and claims he’s her savoir, she suspects her luck might have finally run out. Sure, he’s hot and looks like he’d be good in bed but there is something almost magical about him that defies reality. And if there is one thing she’s learned in her life in the paranormal underground it’s you never trust a magik.

Tactical Magik (Immortal Ops #5) – Mandy M. Roth

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